Our blends are made to heal you as you toke + customize your highs.

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Overall Effects: Vitality + Anxiety Relief

Our most popular mullein-based blend captivates and energizes. Damiana takes center stage as a powerful aphrodisiac and social lubricant. While Passion Flower eases restlessness and anxiety.

Tastes bright and floral.

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Overall Effects: Cramp Relief + Stimulating

The reason we started the brand, our mullein-based Oya Blend helps to relieve cramps with Red Raspberry leaf and effortlessly relaxes your nerves.

Lobelia, also known as "Indian Tobacco", is used to work on the same receptors in the brain as tabaco without the drawbacks.

This blend is great for those looking to kick a nicotine habit.

Tastes mild and earthy.

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Overall Effects: Calming + Mildly Sedative

Our flagship mullein-based herbal smoke blend encourages relaxation and lucid dreaming. We used powerful herbs like chamomile, mugwort + blue lotus to create the perfect addition to any chill session.

Tastes bold and sweet.

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  • A New Smoking Experience

    We're not your MTHR's herbal smoke blend company. We're the next generation's introduction to herbal healing.

  • Encouraging Community

    MTHR is a communal experience. Catch us at an art show pop-up or your nearest kick-back. Here, everyone's invited.

  • Created by Artists for Artists

    We started as a means to help our artsy friends kick unhealthy habits, ditch cigs, and heal their bodies.

We Make Herbalism Easy

Our mullein-based herbal smoke blends are accessible for all. Our compact, aesthetic packages are easy to throw in any bag or back pocket. Take our blends any and everywhere.

How to Use Our Herbal Smoke

You can smoke our mullein-based blends alone or with your favorite strain.

We recommend you use a 1:1 ratio for your first session,

then adjust as desired.

You can even drink our blends as a tea.

Just take a tablespoon of herb and steep in hot water for 10 minutes.

Taking our blends as tea enhances the medicinal effects immensely.

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